We have the pleasure to have Arthur I. Miller as keynote speaker. He will present a talk titled:

“The Colliding Worlds of Art, Science & Technology”

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ARTHUR I. MILLER is fascinated by the nature of creative thinking – in art on the one hand and science on the other. What are the similarities, what are the differences? He has published many critically acclaimed books, including Einstein, Picasso: Space, Time and the Beauty that Causes Havoc (nominated for a Pulitzer Prize); Insights of Genius: Imagery and Creativity in Science and Art; Empire of the Stars: Chandra, Eddington and the Quest for Black Holes (shortlisted for the Aventis Prize) and 137: Jung, Pauli, and the Pursuit of a Scientific Obsession. He writes for the Guardian and The New York Times. He regularly broadcasts and lectures, and curates exhibitions on art/science. He is professor emeritus of history and philosophy of science at University College London. Presently he is completing a book entitled Creativity and Genius in a World of Machines.

His recent book Colliding Worlds: How Cutting-Edge Science is Redefining Contemporary Art (W.W. Norton) tells the story of how art, science and technology are fusing in the twenty-first century. To research it he interviewed leading figures in the world of contemporary science-influenced art and has spent time and lectured at CERN, the MIT Media Lab, Le Laboratoire, the School of Visual Arts, ZKM, and Ars Electronica. In 2013 he was a juror for the Prix Ars Electronica for Hybrid Art. See and