Who can take part

  • Any artist and scientist from any discipline irrespective of their experience in art and science can participate.

How it works

This event is organised in different rounds:

  • First round – Artists and scientists come together for the first time in a networking lunch where artist-scientist partners will be created according to personal preferences.
  • Second round – Proposals will be sent by the partners and reviewed by an independent committee which will select up to ten of them. Proposals should include a description of the art, budget if required and an up to 4-month work plan.
  • Third round – Selected projects will be showcased at open events in London, Cambridge and in the Cervantes Institute in Manchester.

How the artists and scientists come together

  • Artists will have the opportunity to meet with different scientists during an informal lunch organised by SRUK starting at 12 pm on Saturday 28th of January at the Emperor Pub (CB2 1NW) in Cambridge.
  • Artists will choose which scientist they want to team with after the lunch.
  • Please note that:
    • Teams will consist of one artist and one scientist.
    • Individuals participating in the event can only take part in one team.
    • Any scientist from any discipline and any artist (i.e. musicians, actors, film directors, graphic designers, photographers, writers, painters, sculptors, dancers, illustrators, art students) can participate in this initiative.
    • The assistance to the networking event does not guarantee that you will find a scientist or artist partner.
    • The total cost of the lunch will not be funded but some starters will be offered.
    • You must register to assist to the event by sending an email to cambridge@sruk.org.uk before Friday 27th of January.

How to write the artistic proposal

  • After the lunch, an electronic form will be sent to interested teams through email.
  • Every team should briefly describe the project in the form. They should also include a detailed budget if needed and a work plan to be implemented for a maximum duration of 4 months.
  • The form should be submitted to the selected committee before Friday 17th of February 2017.
  • Please note that:
    • Every team is allowed to submit only one proposal.
    • Proposals can include any artistic discipline.
    • The budget will only cover material costs.
    • The maximum budget will be up to £300 for each proposal until the total budget is exhausted.

How the artistic proposals are selected

  • The independent committee will meet within one month after the deadline to review the submitted forms and contact the teams with the final decision.
  • The committee will consist in 3 artists and 3 scientists.
  • The committee will select up to ten proposals based on the following criteria:
    • Potential on engaging the public about Science and Art (50%).
    • Artistic quality and originality of the art (30%).
    • Economic and material feasibility (20%).
  • Please note that:
    • Decisions will be made on the basis of the written information included in the electronic form only, although the committee may contact involved parties to clarify possible ambiguities before reaching a final decision.
    • Decisions made by the committee are unappealable.
    • Once selected, the committee will contact the artists and scientists to let them know that they have been selected and confirm the details of the project (e.g. available budget).
    • Partners will have one week to confirm the acceptance to participate in the initiative.

How to conduct the artistic proposal

  • After the confirmation, artists will have a maximum of 4 months to carry out their respective project.
  • The independent committee will follow the development of the artistic proposal.
  • On a general basis, material costs will be refunded at the end and up to £300.
  • Please note that:
    • In the event of a disagreement between an artist and the scientist, the selected committee will meet with the artist to discuss different solutions.
    • If the scientist and the artist are unable to agree after the mediation of the independent committee, the committee will make a decision after hearing the artist.
    • The decision to withdraw a proposal will be unappealable.

How the arts will be shown

  • The artists and scientists belonging to selected teams will attend the initial exhibition in London to explain the arts and the science which has inspired them in a Closure Event open to general audience.
  • The independent committee will communicate in the Closure Event which projects are awarded in the first (£300), second (£200) and third (£100) position.
  • The artistic proposals will be shown after the Closure Event in an open showcase event at Cambridge and at Espacio Fundación Telefónica.
  • Please note that:
    • Arts belong to the respective artist, including their copyright, despite the artists agree to cede the use of the art to SRUK during the exhibition period by submitting a proposal consent form to the independent committee.
    • The artists will receive a calendar sheet with the exhibition dates and venues beforehand.
    • The monetary award will belong to both the artist (70%) and the scientist (30%).
    • SRUK regular members from any selected team can claim a travel grant to assist to the Closure Event.

What happens with not selected proposals?

  • All the participants not selected for the Closure Event will be able to present their project in a showcase in Cambridge.
  • Please note that:
    • Material costs of the arts will not be funded.
    • Pieces of arts could be sold at the venue exhibition.
    • Selected proposals for the Closure Event will be also exhibited in this event in Cambridge and could be also sold at the venue exhibition.
    • Audience will vote in this event their favourite art-project.
    • Participation to this event should be confirmed by email to cambridge@sruk.org.uk when the independent committee announces which are the selected proposals for the Closure Event.